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REC Bucks

REC Bucks Expire: March 15, 2021

About the Program

Welcome to the world of REC bucks! We built an amazing prize store at Palmer Park Recreation Center, consisting of toys, games, trinkets, REC gift cards, and all sorts of goodies that you can purchase using REC bucks.

Check out the REC Bucks items list below, decide what you would like to purchase with your bucks, and email or call us with your choices. We will put your pack together and have it ready for pick up at the Palmer Park Recreation Center. 


Earning REC bucks is easy! We have many social media posts about activities we do throughout the week, such as Walk Your Block Scavenger Hunt on Saturdays, Geocaching, Crafty Thursdays, and etc. Your participation in each one of those activities is worth REC Bucks. We usually have directions on what you need to do (share the post, post a pic, and/or tag a friend) to earn bucks on each one of them. 

Pics can be submitted in a couple of different ways. You can post it in the comments section of any of our posts about the particular program or you can email it to

Lastly, we keep track of REC bucks for that week. So once the post is up you have until the end of the week to participate and get credit, except Walk Your Block Scavenger Hunt, since we announce the winner on Mondays. You can find out how many REC bucks you have earned so far by private messaging us or emailing us at ;)

Almost forgot! You are welcome to post pics of all your kids doing activities because we love their faces. However, on our post about that specific activity, we will clarify if we will be awarding REC bucks for each pic or per participation.

And that concludes our “How to earn and spend REC bucks” my friends!

REC Bucks Expire: March 15, 2021
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