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Cabin Fever Fairy Tales

Updated: May 9, 2020

Have you heard of Cabin Fever? It’s an annual program the Recreation Department puts on out of Palmer Park Recreation Center. The program helps kids get rid of their winter boredom through crafts, games, movie, and activities. And if none of that aids their cabin fever, the pizza we offer them might.

Every year this program is different, with exciting themes cooked up by our coordinators Kati Gardner and Melanie Chandler. This year’s first of the four Cabin Fevers was dubbed, “Land of Enchantment ” and featured a theme of fairy tales. Knights and dragons and other exciting imagery filled the evening of fun, with the conclusion a screening of the popular children's film “How to Train your Dragon."

Part of the night included the children writing their own fairy tales. Some of these tales

included lady bugs. Some dinosaurs, and some just people. But the plots are anything

but boring.

Here are a few snippets from some of Cabin Fever ’s finest writers:

Then there was a kid named Arsenius, aka Little Billy, he wanted to be a worm, but he turned into an ant. Miranda had a pet turtle that could fly.
They had a chili cook-off. They had judges to judge the chili. All the judges were bad. The chili was good and they shut it down.
[He] became the most popular wizard. He ran away from home and won the wizard lottery. Then a dragon came and became a pet and they flew away.

With the last Cabin Fever taking place February 28th, we look forward to what excitement can be created f rom boredom next year!

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