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  • Jenny Miller

Parents! It’s Time to Get Back to Nature :)

You’ve probably never heard of nature deficit disorder. But you have almost certainly seen its effects on your children. Childhood obesity, video game addiction, and even poor grades in school can all be attributed to spending too much time indoors.

These links can help you break the cycle.

Here’s Why

Being outside is essential to the developing brain.

Play at Home

If you don’t have time to run your children to one of Port Huron’s many parks every afternoon, there are plenty of ways to enjoy outdoor activities in your own backyard.

Gotta Get Away

When planning your next road trip, make sure to incorporate more outdoor activities.

Get Out on the Water and Fish

Sometimes, all you need is a boat, a body of water, and some free time!

Although there is nothing wrong with spending time indoors, you have to balance being inside with time spent under the sun and stars. Doing so will give your children a better chance at being successful in school and, later, as adults. 

For more ideas on how to end nature deficit disorder, please visit

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Mar 03, 2021

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