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Work outdoors with Parks and Rec for the '22 summer season

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Port Huron Parks and Recreation Department is looking to hire several candidates to work outdoors and with children in positions such as lifeguards, Camp Palmer leaders and sports coaches.

Fall at Port Huron Parks & Recreation

The Port Huron Parks and Recreation Department hiring for 2022 summer seasonal positions. If you enjoy working outdoors with our community and staying active while working, a Parks and Recreation Department position may be a great fit for you. Many of our positions work with children.

Did you know all of our positions pay above minimum wage? We hire many young adults and the minimum age for several of our positions is 15. Seasonable positions available: - Lifeguards - Pool maintenance - Sports coaches Seasonable positions for ages 18 or older: - Parking booth attendant - Seasonal laborer - Park/beach ranger

Blank applications are available here or in person at the Palmer Park Recreation Center at 2829 Armour St. and at the Human Resources Department, 2nd floor of Port Huron's City Hall at 100 McMorran Blvd. Completed applications must be returned back to the Recreation Department or the HR Department by April 29.

Not sure if the Parks and Rec Department is the best fit for you? Read some testimonials from our '21 summer employees for a better insight of our world.

"These kids are going to teach you things you didn't think you would learn at a job like this. You really do take away something new every day from them, which I think is really important."
-Amanda, Camp Palmer camp counselor

"You get to see the development in each single kid over the course of the summer. It's only a couple months, but I think of how much progress they've made since the beginning of summer, and that's the kind of stuff that makes the Rec a really fun and rewarding place to work."
-Sophie, Camp Palmer assistant director

We all work together and we all make sure the kids are having fun. I think it's probably one of the most fun ways to spend my summer, if I had to work."
-John, sports coach

"It's a very self-rewarding job. You get to have these relationships with the kids. They're there and they expect you to be there. When you're not there they ask, 'Where's this person?' You feel really cared about. It's very very self-rewarding."
-Gabby, Camp Palmer camp counselor

"The kids say some really funny things that make me smile. They're are awesome to be around."
-Kyle, sports coach

"I think working for the Rec Department is a great place to start working. A lot of people understand you are younger and starting your work career and they are a little more lenient when you double check policies or double check with your supervisors."
-Ben, Plamer play crew Super Slide attendant

"I thought I knew a lot about kids, and I realize I did not. I feel like I've grown a lot in my child caring skills."
-Abby, Camp Palmer camp counselor
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