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City of Port Huron parks and recreation millage passes

Voting for the $1 million renewal of the Port Huron parks and recreation millage passed on Tuesday, May 3, 2023.

A total of 2,510 citizens voted for the parks and recreation millage, with 1,963 voters voting in favor of the millage and 547 who opposed. This millage will aid parks and recreation over the next five years, until 2027.

“The citizens of our City have no doubt witnessed firsthand the rebirth and vibrancy of the McMorran Theatre, Arena and new Plaza, which has drawn thousands of visitors to our downtown. Our citizens have seen the rapid investments into our parks and playgrounds, bringing innovative play and safe spaces to our neighborhoods. Every dollar of this millage funding was used to leverage additional state and philanthropic grants, creating a multiplier effect throughout our community. We will continue this critical work in the next five years,” voiced City Manager James Freed.

Those interested in City parks and recreation planning may read the Five-Year Parks and Recreation Plan at This plan is also available to the public on the Parks and Recreation Department's website at

“We have always believed our parks are our community’s greatest assets, and we believe kids should have accessible, innovative play opportunities within walking distance of their homes. Our quality programming and recreation activities will continue to reach thousands of kids each year. We thank the voters of our City for continued support of these efforts,” said Parks and Recreation Director Nancy Winzer.

City residents also voted on the sale of the Port Huron Municipal Office Center (MOC) located at 100 McMorran Blvd. and a $3 million millage for City of Port Huron public safety, aiding the Port Huron Police Department and Port Huron Fire Department.

All City financial reports, budgets and audits approved or created by the mayor, council and City administration can be found at

"We believe open government and transparency are the cornerstone to building trust within the community and public confidence within City operations and services,” said Freed.

For more information, please contact the Office of the City Manager at 810-984-9740.


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